Rewardly is a collective rewards app that rewards you with cash back on purchases at Rewardly partner businesses and for sharing those purchases on social media.

Almost anybody in Canada can join Rewardly!

Do you have bank account or a debit or credit card account? If you do, you’re already one step closer to being a Rewardly member.

Members must link a bank account (either debit or credit) to their Rewardly wallet to earn cash back and points. We understand this is a huge ask which is why we've built high-security restrictions so that you can confidently pay through Rewardly.

We also ask our members to verify their accounts with a valid mobile phone number as an added layer of security. This two-factor authentication process is what ensures the security and safety of your account.

When entering your number, you can only enter your mobile phone number with a local carrier. We do not support VoIP numbers (Voice Over IPs) as well as phone numbers registered to:  Skype, Google Voice, Freedompop and Vonage. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

Earn cash back when you use Rewardly’s digital wallet to make payments to your favourite neighbourhood shops

Simply load your rewardly wallet or link your debit or credit card and pay from the app using QR codes.

If you are a business, please contact us at, for more info.

Acquire Loyal Customers
Only pay us when we bring you sales.

General Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in signing up for Rewardly’s collective rewards program.
We are still in the process of building our platform. Having said that;
1. This is NOT a contractual agreement that binds you with Rewardly inc. any manner.
2. By signing up you agree that you are interested in joining the Rewardly platform as a business.
3. We may present this data to our potential investors representing your interest in joining this platform for development, investment and fundraising purposes.
4. You have the choice to OPT OUT of the rewardly program without any penalty ANYTIME before we formally sign you up.
5. Once the platform is up and running, we will contact you to sign up formally. We appreciate your interest in joining Rewardly and hope for us to grow together!