Only pay when we drive you sales.
Why Rewardly

Social Media

Get social media exposure when we reward your customers for mentioning your store on their social media.

QR Code Payments

Stop paying transaction fees on credit & debit card payments, accept secured payments using QR codes.

Auto Ads

Guaranteed return on Ad Spend. Simply let us know your advertising budget and we will take care of driving sales. Only pay us when we make you more than your Ad Spend.

Targeted Ads

Create a sustainable growth with Rewardly when we help you target and match with the right customers that are most likely to come back.

Collective Rewards

Join local business community on Rewardly’s collective rewards program so you can acquire new customers easily while keeping your existing customers happy.

Marketing Campaigns

Run daily and weekly marketing campaigns and deals toward your targeted audience with our easy to use custom marketing templates.



When you use Rewardly’s auto ad tool to advertise you either get a paying customer or you get your money back.

Real-time Feedback

Customers are asked about their experience as soon as they leave your store so you can get the most authentic feedback.

Data Analytics

Get daily and weekly updates and insights on what customers are buying, most promising products, where you need to improve on how your campaigns are doing so you can tailor your approach and have a long term sustainable growth.
Fast Facts


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I am more likely to recommend Brands with good Loyalty Program.


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Loyalty programs make me more likely to continue doing business with Brands.


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I Modify amount spent to maximize points.

*Bond Brand Loyalty Report 2020

Acquire Loyal Customers
Only pay us when we bring you sales.

General Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in signing up for Rewardly’s collective rewards program.
We are still in the process of building our platform. Having said that;
1. This is NOT a contractual agreement that binds you with Rewardly inc. any manner.
2. By signing up you agree that you are interested in joining the Rewardly platform as a business.
3. We may present this data to our potential investors representing your interest in joining this platform for development, investment and fundraising purposes.
4. You have the choice to OPT OUT of the rewardly program without any penalty ANYTIME before we formally sign you up.
5. Once the platform is up and running, we will contact you to sign up formally. We appreciate your interest in joining Rewardly and hope for us to grow together!